The Heteroclite Haven: An Allegorical Disturbance for an Autonomous South Auckland

Jiwon Won Intro Image
The Haven superimposed onto the 2050 Auckland International Airport

Heteroclite (adj) : deviating from the ordinary rule; eccentric, abnormal. 

Theorist Derrida, in his letter to Eisenman, admonishes political construction of space to prioritise low social stratum supervising a productive architectural apparatus that deviates from the spectacular, yet imagines a positive social ecology. The submission of human as datum by producing a time-sensitive culture system via theoretical workings accumulates as a geographical disturbance. Inverting this autonomous formulation into an implosive spatial itinerary, this thesis encapsulates a heterotopic, fictive and autotelic experience superimposed by Auckland Airport (which also happens to be in South Auckland), echoing its powerful transposing paradigm, and eliminating all social stratum. Continuing the Airport’s volitant essence, South Aucklanders’ sociological overcrowded deprivation - especially for children - is promoted by employing transient sources which are anomalous in the fiction of flight: ‘Little White Bird’ the archetype of ‘Peter Pan’.

Rejecting commercial transformation under the government’s unitary plan, this thesis limits its disciplinary to three fragmented yet constituent allegories which react polemically against geopolitical control. In order to ascertain the complexity of an allegorical masterplan speculation, a method of research sets frameworks of parameters including linguistic analysis, a typological context survey based on 2044-Auckland-Airport-city-plan, and morphological mappings, which are regulated by time and accessibility. The allegories assemble to represent three environments individually considered as indices constituting different scales of roles.

Out of such scholarship, architectural construction viewed as a catalyst for an absence of political and social inscription is encouraged. Consequently, this thesis proposes a speculative masterplan and architectural programme which revives a discretionary and self-managerial beneficence. It pursues an agenda inviting congenial tones into an economically, politically, socially and culturally acute topic of deprivation, which not only can be applicable for New Zealand but also has universal appeal. As a platform for allegorical-focused planning, the haven serves as a physical pivot for the development of a strong collective endeavour for South Auckland, borrowing the aptitude of architectural composition. 

Jiwon Won Atrium
Jiwon Won Playground
Playground by the Auckland International Airport
Jiwon Won Watchtower
Watchtower by the Sculpture Garden in the Airport City