Te Whare Tangata : Re-Imagining the Vulnerability of Karangahape Road

Rowen Trusewich

[email protected]
1 Front Modos
Te Whare Tangata ~ Intersection Night View, Karangahape Road / Gundry Street

T  E     W  H  A  R  E     T  A  N  G  A  T  A

While the representation of vulnerable communities has been widely contested and debated in a political margin, the themes remain under-explored in architectural literature. This thesis aims to uncover how feminist architectural theories can be used as an archetype to generate a socially conscious design for the marginalised users of Karangahape Road.

Within academia, the understanding of architectural feminism is governed by theorists Kimberlé Crenshaw, Jane Jacobs, Jane Rendell, Jennifer Bloomer, and Lori Brown. Using these paradigms, this thesis will navigate the movement of a space intended to help mitigate negative conversation, and drive growth and support for these communities.

Through providing a nurturing homogeneous space for the collective users of Karangahape Road, this piece of architecture becomes a place where the vulnerable can see themselves in others. They can seek support and guidance or act as mentors to others in need. For the individual users of the building, the facilities will offer an intimate architectural journey of celebrating their diversity. The approach includes conversations with existing community organisations who articulate the urgency for aid within a metropolis like Auckland. Participating in these conversations helps to identify both the design interventions required to accommodate the needs of the users and the necessary transitional developments for the urban landscape to support these needs.

This thesis will act as a step towards acknowledging an alternative typology to re-define vulnerable urbanity, confronting the vulnerability of its inhabitants, and alleviating the stigma behind their way of life.

2 Pride
Te Whare Tangata ~ Karangahape Road Pride March
Te Whare Tangata ~ Karangahape Road View // Gundry Street View
6 Foyer
Te Whare Tangata ~ Foyer
8 Cafe
Te Whare Tangata ~ Community Cafe
7 Library
Te Whare Tangata ~ Community Library
9 Courtyard
Te Whare Tangata ~ Courtyard
L1 floor plan
Level One Floor Plan
L2 floor plan
Level Two Floor Plan
5 Section
Axo Section
10 Courtyard Night
Te Whare Tangata ~ Courtyard Night View

Te Whare Tangata ~