PSYCHOCITY: Manifesting Unconscious Desire into Conscious Environments

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Analysis IX / Various Undefined Drawing Typologies - Tomb of Ideals (A Second Birth)

By exploring the theoretical framework of Lacanian psychoanalysis this thesis speculates on the integration of psychoanalytic treatment and theory and architectural representation. Through the use of the representational tools of an architect, this thesis intends to arouse (un)expected readings of the subject’s Desire through a provocative architectural language.

In order for this thesis to engage convincingly with psychoanalysis and its visual articulation, it must abandon existing conventions embedded within contemporary architectural representation. Current architectural methods are defined, finite and dangerously conscious. To generate genuine readings and free associations, the work produced by this thesis is undefined and unstructured - allowing the unconscious to flow freely and not be prohibited by restrictive architectural datum. 

One of the central concepts of Lacanian psychoanalysis is the concept of unconscious desire. The aim of psychoanalytic treatment is to lead the analysand/ subject to articulate their desire through speech, however, there is a limit to how far desire can be articulated in speech because of a fundamental incompatibility between desire and speech. Although the truth about desire is present to some degree in all speech, speech can never articulate the whole truth about desire; whenever speech attempts to articulate desire, there is always a leftover, a surplus, which exceeds speech.

This thesis speculates on the architectural representation as not only a methodology to bring the subject closer to their desire but to manifest desire into a visual form – transcending the limitations of speech. 

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Analysis IX - An Uncharted Grotto (Searching for the Unknown)
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Analysis IX - Managing Pain

The execution of the project relies on an active engagement between the subject, (both author and viewer) and the work. It is imperative for the subject to name, articulate and bring this Desire into existence - allowing for an emergence of genuine readings of the subject’s own unconscious. 

Through visual, provocation and signification, the body of work generated by this thesis will ultimately perform as a series of analysts that will assist in the stimulation of our unconsciousness. 

Subjects must continuously ask themselves, what is this piece of work trying to tell them? What does it want them to know? 

Analysis IX - Awaiting Permission (Satiate the Sexual Appetite)
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Analysis IX - Oral Liberation

The investigation of architectural representation and its potential to become a Lacanian psychoanalytic operation forms the basis of this thesis.