Pop Up Reality Shop

Anita Chin, Bevin Liang, Linus Goh, Ricky Tung

Modos Poster
The Pop Up Reality Shop Team

Pop Up Reality Shop is a group thesis project. It explores the future of retail space; blending art, technology and architecture as in-between an online store and a physical shop. Pop-up Reality Shop utilises a highly deformable physical construction to act as an alternative input device for digital information. This project is presented as a performative demonstration wherein the piece of architecture becomes the performer. Interactive digital constructions morph in real time by simultaneously deforming the physical framework, guiding the audience through a new type of shopping and architectural experience.

June 2
Tim Gruchy trying the Pop Up Reality Shop demo in June 2017 at the ARVR Garage.
Diagram showing the Pop Up Reality Shop technological feedback loop.
Fukuoka 3
Linus and Bevin demoing to the Fukuoka Mayoral team at the ARVR Garage.
The team presenting to a delegation from Guangzhou.
The team talking to Chris Blair from Datacom, getting industry feedback following the Tech Week event at the ARVR Garage.