Performance Enhancing Sustainable Equestrian Stables for New Zealand's Top Sport Horses

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Back of main building. A natural environment designed for letting 'horses be horses'

Horses in high-end equine industries across the world fetch prices in the millions of dollars. Optimisation of stabling for these horses attracts very high levels of investment in facilities to enhance their physical performance to produce results.

Although resources for the physical improvement of horses are well developed, their psychological needs are often ignored despite having just as dramatic an effect on their performance as their physical wellness (Henderson, 2012).

"While great emphasis is put on training and riding, the quality of 'the other 23 hours a day' is of equal importance." (Ladewig, 2015).

N Front Main Building Anna Robertson Copy
Front of main building. A controlled environment designed for handling horses and keeping them calm

This thesis explores several stabling issues, including animal and human health, sustainability, efficiency and environmental impact, and how these may benefit from architectural design.

Calming features such as natural surroundings and predominantly water, settle the horses and influence the design. The unique soil, nitration and pollution management issues at the chosen site in Lake Taupo are being addressed, with plans for anaerobic digestion to turn waste into value.

The thesis also looks into the aesthetic appeal of stables required by owners to optimise horse sales. It is anticipated that architectural design will potentially play a significant role in providing solutions.

Previous industry studies and interviews of a broad cross-section of industry stakeholders have already researched stabling issues. Features of high-end stables are being analysed, design possibilities examined, and case studies of notable stables in niche equine categories implemented.

The subject of adequate stabling is being addressed worldwide by a range of professional disciplines. This thesis examines the potential for architectural design to make a positive contribution to its solutions.

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