Madeline Stuart

Interior render

This thesis is centred around the idea of a resilient architecture type for the vernacular. Current housing has been designed for obsolescence, creating a never-ending supply and demand chain. With the western mentality of 'pack up and move on' no longer being a viable solution to our housing state, architects and property developers are taking control, pre-determining what the user may want. We require a more inclusive process, one that encourages user control but also utilises the professionals' existing knowledge base.

By designing and building a construction system that has the potential to adapt to each individual user and their ever-changing needs, we begin to look at our housing as an evolving process. As our nuclear family grows and changes, our homes should be evolving with us. By designing for change we are designing for a much more resilient housing market.

How can we respond to the current built environment in a more forward-thinking ecologically aware and functional manner though technical design and conceptual methods, without sacrificing the luxury or quality of builds in today's society?

Render North/West
Render North
Render North
1:1 prototype process : made possible by the SPEC IV team