Soundscaping in a Mixed Reality Future

For Modos
The beginning of a multi-sensory spatial experience...

How much does auditory sense influence one’s experience of space? 

Can alterations of sound within a spatial environment change one’s perception of the environment? 

How could auditory modifications enrich a spatial experience?

These questions form the main veins of inquiry in search of sonic dimensions of architecture. 

This thesis explores architecture as a form of spatial art with a sensory-oriented approach. The basis of auditory perception and the examination of the three major sonic architecture theories: critical listening, soundscape and aural architecture form the thesis' theoretical framework. 

Next, experimental studies on the alteration of perception through the auditory channel are conducted with references to the 'Snoezelen Room' concept, a multi-sensory environment and sensory modulation room. Building on the experiments' findings, a speculative architecture environment, in which sound becomes the main driving component of the spatial experience, is developed. 

This thesis engages in the intangible aspect of architecture; a virtual, imaginative or perceptual soundscape that opens the possibilities of, and embodies, experience. It is an immersive journey, and a profound drawing of spaces in terms of sound.

NOTE: The following video requires headphones to enjoy the full experience: 

Key Frames of Movie
Artistic Interpretation of the Metro Station Journey
Sound Experiments