Living in a Green World: How a combined ‘built + green’ typology can contribute towards an improved quality of life and environment in our city

Trisha Hasin

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Conceptual watercolour elevation

The urban morphology of Auckland City is changing due to intensification. Meeting the demands of accommodating the population increase unfortunately puts pressure on open public and private green spaces to provide enough vegetation to enhance our urban fabric. With changing attitudes towards our environment, this thesis takes the opportunity to explore ‘how integrating a green-driven typology for high-rise buildings can contribute towards an improved quality of life and environment in our city’

How can we create alternative, usable and enjoyable green spaces within a built-up context?

Site Plan Body1
Ground floor plan

To understand the intricate relationship between landscape and building, this thesis undertakes an overview of the urban morphology of our cities, unpacking the spatial qualities that have shaped the forms of our urban environment. It then looks into the historical and theoretical background of the green movement in architecture, to explore the attraction and development of landscape-infused built typologies in our cities.

Perspective 1 Body2
A vegetated ground plane
Roof Perspectives Body 3
Recreational/roof spaces
Sketches Body6
Sketch journey throughout the site

The city of Singapore is one of the first cities to implement the methodology of hybrid green buildings in a rapid and large manner. In order to understand their vision and what they have implemented and achieved, I travelled to Singapore. My research will find out if there are lessons for Auckland there.

Perspective 2 Body5
Porous Opening towards the Beachside
Section Aa Body4
Section AA

Taking the knowledge gained from my research, I will incorporate lessons learned about a hybrid built architecture typology on a design for a key urban block in Takapuna, Auckland. By using a landscape-led approach to design, I aim to create a community orientated, high-density neighbourhood that integrates the greenery and built spaces on a macro and micro scale, so that the new environment connects the Takapuna town centre with the beach.

Perspective 3 Body7
Sheltered communal gathering space
Natural Resources Body8
Implementation of various natural resources