Composing an Envelopment: A Cleansing, Melting into Mindlessness

Lisa Hyunji Kim

Abstract Concept Of The Envelopment
Abstract Concept of the Envelopment

A journey of a traveller within a train dwells on an envelope of mesmerising, or rather, mindless space. This transition, from its oblique anamorphic manner as it allows another layer of perception towards a human eye, its stillness or blurring scenic view or to sometimes even blockades of primitive earth, all convey peculiar spaces which we pass to travel. The train being essentially a method of commuting is a contained space that acts as a threshold from one location to another. This questions the dormant possibilities of the abandoned land along the edges of the rail tracks and composes a poetical journey where both a traveller and surrounding residence harmonise to a neutral perspective towards the depressed societal position of our public train.

The thesis challenges the potential given around the rail tracks, exploring and defining its spatial content and designing possible acts of architecture rather than a train station; the ruling railway architecture. Initiating through a curiosity in the attraction of daily train commuting, the journey is commonly more appealing to the adolescent populace rather than the daily commuters of adulthood. As the essence of an attractive journey is traveling through a threshold of unknowing, the journey is delivered as a mundane pessimistic appeal to our norm commuters and surrounding residence.

The thesis first outlines perimeters of the framework by defining three standards of the train, the passenger and the perceiver. The analysis of these three relationships through illustration and abstract calculation further locates characteristics of lightness, layering, decay and repetition, translating to critical themes of mindlessness and existence/nonexistence. The exploration processes to provide a definition and an entity of the space surrounding the rail tracks as the envelopment. This envelopment thus follows to propose a therapeutic, cleansing setting to both our standard passenger and standard perceiver through various apparatus of architecture, which accumulates sensual amplification for the passenger, and interprets domestic purifiers into public scenes for the perceiver.

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