Architectural Synaesthesia: Appassionata 2050

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The Appassionata Art Performance Centre neighbourhood with detailed presentation; digital concept rendering.

Unlimited possibilities sketch the communication system among multiple dimensions. The bridge that connects both the senses and sensitivity showing the approach to a unified consonance: synaesthesia.

This thesis will explore the process of tying music theories and practices to architectural design through emotion and proportion studies. Based on aesthetic phenomenology and a mathematical module, developed methodology proposes an intelligent approach to designing architecture with the participation of informational technology.

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Structure generated from The Appassionata Sonata with visualisation; digital rendering.
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Script design process understanding the music structure of The Appassionata Sonata with structural language; parametric simulation.
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Partial script design which analysing a music chord movement and expressing as a valid geometry.

A frozen moment of music contains a complex of proportional elements which imply the sequence of the parametric structure inspired by abstract aesthetic: “Architecture is frozen music”1. Due to its formless expression and dramatic narrative, the well-structured fluency reveals and enhances the language of spatial design: “Music is liquid architecture”2.

“Music is considered as a powerful tool for arousing emotions in human beings.” 3

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  3. Adnan Mehmood Bhatti et al., Human Emotion Recognition and Analysis in Response to Audio Music using Brain Signals, Vol. 65, 2016), 267-275. doi://
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Manipulating multiple materials as instruments, and discussing the potential of materials triggering human inner emotions; physical display models (11cm x 8cm each); resin, ink, powder and plants.

As a fragment of music, architecture stands with its fading stories. The words trigger reflected emotion from each visitor and paint unique memories with their original perceptions. Technology invades and addresses to be the new soul of architectural evolution. Parametric intelligence inherits the elegance of science and artificial creation.

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The proposed design process has been further discussed, tested and applied to the Performance Centre’s design, located in future-Auckland’s proposed urban CBD extension plan. The experimentally designed building is named after Beethoven’s famous F minor sonata, ‘Appassionata’, which contains classical musical ordered with the most dramatic emotions.

Performing architecture by using musical language provides an available approach to propose and discuss new concepts of presenting architectural design progresses. Giving consideration to both proportional composition and phenomenology creates a complete interpretation of music architecture.

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Art performance in The Appassionata Art Performance Centre. Digital model and rendering.
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Night time performance with live weather and environment scenery generation. Digital model and rendering.
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Hi-tech art performance on top floor of building with daytime activities. Digital model and rendering.
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Urban design sketch with proposed thesis theory and building application.
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City landscape rendering with multiple lighting modes visualisation.